Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key Installation Guide

Getting your PC a perfect working Operating system is very crucial. Get Activation key or Windows 7 Home Premium Product key for both 64 bit and 32 bit processors here for free. In 2016 most people using Microsoft’s latest OS upgrades and that’s pretty fine to use Windows 10 with new laptops. But For people having older PC’s and Laptops it’s bit difficult to work with it. Many users reported lagging and decreased performance with Windows 10. So here is the solution for you guys to get Windows 7 with key in your system. If you are a Home user and advanced features of Win7 are no more attractive to you, You must choose Windows 7 Home premium.

Before you opt for Windows 7 Home Premium Activation, you should be aware of Windows 7 features and specifications. Also this will help you to compare between other operating systems  to decide which Windows version is best for you. We would suggest Windows Home premium for Basic daily Home usage. It is also available in both 64bit and 32 bit Computer architectures so there would not be any problem. But you must check your CPU Architecture before Downloading and Activating specific version of Windows.

Key Features of Windows 7 Home Premium and Review

Win7 home Premium is so far the Best OS for Home Users. It is a complete package for Daily Home Computer usage and Microsoft has taken care for all features that required in an basic Home PC needs. Here are some cool features that Home  premium is fully loaded with which made it a perfect choice for Home PC operating system.

  • It is loaded with Home Data back tool which insist users to back up their data consistently. Well this feature is common in every Windows 7 version and Home premium is also fully packed with data back up tool.
  • System Restore is more reliable than Windows previous versions.
  • Bit locker to go for Auto Encryption of removable drive.
  • Presentation mode.
  • Available option for Windows anytime upgrade option to let you upgrade your system with ultimate or professional with purchase of Windows product key online.
  • upgrading of Windows can be done at system information where you can see version update notification.
system information showing upgrade windows option

there are some features which are only in professional and ultimate version have like remote desktop version, Backing up data on a network drive and option to boot from VHD device. But that is generally of no use to a home user. So you can blindly go for Windows 7 home premium and for that you may use these tested Product keys for Windows 7.

Windows 7 Home premium Product key 64 bit

we are providing some tested and working Serial keys for 64 bit systems for Home premium. These keys are tested to work in 2016 and are capable to fully activate Windows 7 in your system. Just use them during installation process of Windows and when promoted enter any one set of License key and hit Enter.









Product key for windows 7 Home premium 32 bit

since 32 bit version users are limited we have got you Activation keys for home premium 32 bit keys to use while installation. check your downloaded Windows 7 while putting product key for Windows.







here with This version of Windows 7 key you can opt for upgrade at any time. still you can also try Windows 8 or Windows 10. for Downloading and installing these you may check out our post on Windows 8 and Windows 10 product key here-

Windows 8.1 pro product key

Serial Windows 10

Hope you like our post about Windows 7 keys and got your system updated with latest windows software. feel free to write us about any problem regarding tech support and other quarries. We are happy to help. Keep sharing and keep spreading love.

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